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Peterson Vineyards i Sonoma, Californien, USA  

2014, Zero Manipulation, Peterson Winery

Easy to use, and cheap to operate is the light hearted motto for this serious red wine blend. Crafted exclusively from the sustainably farmed Tollini Vineyard old vines in Mendocino each year since the 2000 vintage. We strive to create a wine with all the delicious, quaffable nature of a bistro wine and still remain honestly reflective of its terroir, by forgoing manipulative winemaking practices and additives, we create a wine much more natural than the elusive jackalope mascot.

Alc. 13.7%, Fadlagret: 9 måneder på ældrer amerikanske/franske egetræs fade: Drue; 68% Carignane, 15% Grenach, 11% Syrah, 6% Petite Sirah fra Redwood Valley Mendocino.


2016, Zinfandel, Old School, Peterson Winery

Taking it back to when Zin was easy drinking and no thinking! Dry farmed, head trained, gnarly zinfandel vines farmed by the Tollini family that were planted in the 1970's in the heart of Mendocino are no bull! Easy tannins and bright natural acidity carry the layers of juicy fruit and zesty spice. Whether having a dinner party, barbecuing, relaxing after work, or on a weekend getaway, there's never a wrong time to make it old school. Alc.: 15.5%, Fadlagret: 9 måneder på amerikanske/franske egetræs fade: Drue; 100% Zinfandel fra Redwood Valley Mendocino


2015, Sangiovese, DCV, Peterson Winery

This 100% Sangiovese was produced from fruit grown in two exceptional small plantings in Dry Creek Val- ley—Teldeschi Vineyard and Spadoni Vineyard. In the early 1990’s, lifelong grapegrower Ray Teldeschi got Sangiovese budwood from me off Norton Ranch, and planted it on his “Home Ranch” that is next door to our winery on the Dry Creek bench. The southwest exposure and excellent drainage of the site helps the finicky Sangiovese vines fully ripen the grapes every year.The Spadoni Vineyard is a tiny planting on the hillside behind the home of long time friends Ken and June Spadoni. They planted an acre of Sangiovese on the western edge of Dry Creek because of a love for the wine, and meticulously farm this small plot.

The perfect wine for pairing when you aren’t sure what will go with dinner, this delicious Sangiovese will bring on the best in a classic Italianate pasta, smoked brisket, barbecued ribs or grilled vegetables tossed with sliced sausage.

Alc.: 15.1%, Fadlagret: 9 måneder på amerikanske/franske egetræs fade: Drue; 100%  Sangiovese fra Dry Creek Valley Sonoma


2015, Zinfandel, DCV, Peterson Winery

A classic Zinfandel blend. Dry Creek Valley is first among equals in Zinfandel growing regions due to its perfect pairing of soils and climate. 80% Zinfandel from four vineyards that epitomize the Dry Creek Valley terroir melds seamlessly with 10% Petite Sirah, 5% Carignane, 5% Grenache, creating a wine with complexity, depth, and above all, balance.

Alc.: 15.5%, Fadlagret: 9 måneder på amerikanske/franske egetræs fade: Drue; 100% Zinfandel fra Dry Creek Valley Sonoma