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Så er der spændende vin nyheder fra Koenig Vineyards, Idaho og har fået adgang til et lille parti af Deres fantastiske vine samt fra Peirano Vineyards, Lodi Californien.


Koenig Winery, Idaho

2021 Riesling, Snake River Valley - Idaho

This wine has full flavors of apricot and citrus, and a crisp finish making it a perfect match for summer picnics, spicy food, or light appetizers.

Alc. 13.5%, Lagring: 100% stainless steel barrels, Drue: 100% Riesling fra Snake River Valley.



2020 Chardonnay, Snake River Valley - Idaho

Koenig's Chardonnay is a blend from two different vineyard sites in Idaho's Snake River Valley. The grapes were hand-picked and fermented in French oak barrels. Aged sur-lie for 6 months, enjoy hazelnut and toasted oak aromas along with bright minerality and notes of Meyer lemon.

Alc. 13.5%, Lagring: 6 months aging sur-lie in new French oak barrels, Drue: 100% Chardonnay fra Snake River Valley.


2019 Zinfandel, Snake River Valley - Idaho

Established in 2016, Lanae Ridge Vineyard sits on a spectacular slope in the chalk hills situated above our winery. Zinfandel from this exceptional site is full-bodied and balanced. Aged 26 months in small oak barrels, this wine offers additional notes of mocha and blackberries. 20 barrels produced.

Alc. 15.05%, Lagring: 26 måneder i små træfade, Drue: 100% Zinfandel fra Snake River Valley.


2019 CSV Blend, Snake River Valley - Idaho

Enjoy dark, brooding fruit flavors, rich mouthfeel, and an expansive finish. Koenig's 2019 Snake River Valley Cuvée is a blend of Zinfandel (50%), Merlot (25%), and Petit Verdot (25%). Sourced from five different vineyards across the sand, gravel, and volcanic soils of Idaho’s Snake River Valley, this wine was aged in small oak barrels for 30 months.

Alc. 14.8%, Druer: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon og 50% Syrah fra Snake River Valley området. Fadlagret: 30 Months in small Oak Barrels.


2019 Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah fra Koenig Vineyards, Snake River Valley - Idaho

Koenig's Estate blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah creates a full-bodied wine with structure and finesse. Our vineyard is planted in ancient gravel and sand deposited by the Bonneville Flood. Enjoy dark berry flavors along with aromas of blackberries and fine oak. Pair with richly flavored foods like roast lamb, barbecue, and tomato-based pasta.  

Alc. 14.6%, Druer: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon og 50% Syrah fra Snake River Valley området. Fadlagret: 28 months in 60% French, 40% American | 80% New, 20% Used new French and American barrels.



Peirano Estate, Lodi - Californien


2020 Old Vine Zinfandel Winemakers Barrel Select-”The Immortal” ZIN, Lodi – Californien

2020 was a year that had exceptionally long hang time for the fruit, giving it the chance to develop layers of flavors. Combine that with the low yield of our 120-year-old head trained Zinfandel vines, and you can see why we were so excited by the intensity of the fruit. We had the opportunity to truly hand select the “cream” of the crop, making several passes through the block during the long optimal ripeness window. After HAND-PICKING into half ton bins for the most delicate transporting of the fruit, the grapes were lightly crushed into the tank for fermentation. Fermented on the skins to dryness, it was then pressed and placed in French and American oak barrels, of which 15% was new wood. Aging in the barrel for 15 months.

The color of this wine is truly immortal. Its rich, dark color goes on and on and on! The aromas of big, jammy, dark fruit medley along with raisins, cherry pie and sugar plum marry together to put your olfactory senses into a new dimension. The palate is wrapped in a mysterious, velvety layered mix of sweet blackberries, raspberries and luscious, juicy fresh picked ripe plums! The rich, mouth filling characters that immediately jumps out at you is that of mom’s homemade baked cherry and strawberry pie! The wine has moderate oaky tannins and juicy acidity. This amazing old vine zinfandel will pair will all foods, from the gourmet burger on the grill, to a nut crusted seared ahi.

Alc. 14.8%, Druer: 100% Zinfandel fra Lodi området. Fadlagret: 15 Months in French and American Oak Barrels.



2019 Red Wine Blend ‘Sea Enchantress’,Lodi - Californien

The “Sea Enchantress” is the second bottling of Peirano Estate Vineyards’ new “The Artist Series” and follows the HUGE success of our first bottling - “Illusion”. This wine continues the “new school” and “old school” winemaking styles of father & daughter. The 2019 blend consists of our Petite Sirah, Old Vine Zinfandel, Tempranillo and Syrah. After HAND-PICKING into small bins for the most delicate transporting of the fruit, we keep each varietal separate throughout the entire fermentation and aging process.

When dry, each varietal is pressed and aged in French and American oak barrels, of which 15% is new.

TASTING NOTES: At first glance, you will be mesmerized by the deep, dark crimson color of this full bodied wine. Inhale the aromas of ripe blueberries, blackberry pie, cassis and cinnamon stick. The mouth feel is rich and full of flavors of ripe blackberries, fresh dark plums, bing cherries and blueberries. Am I crazy or is this like biting into a graham cracker spread with a thick layer of blackberry jam?? I dunno, you decide. The smooth, velvety tannins on the finish will leave you “enchanted” and longing for more after every sip.

Alc. 14.8%, Druer: Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Tempranillo, Syrah fra Lodi området. Fadlagret: 15 Months in French and American Oak Barrels.