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Zero Manipulation 2014 fra Peterson Winery, Mendocino Californien
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2014, Zero Manipulation fra Peterson Winery, Mendocino Californien

Easy to use, and cheap to operate is the light hearted motto for this serious red wine blend. Crafted exclusively from the sustainably farmed Tollini Vineyard old vines in Mendocino each year since the 2000 vintage. We strive to create a wine with all the delicious, quaffable nature of a bistro wine and still remain honestly reflective of its terroir, by forgoing manipulative winemaking practices and additives, we create a wine much more natural than the elusive jackalope mascot.

Alc.: 13.7%, Fadlagret: 9 måneder på amerikanske/franske egetræs fade: Drue; 68% Carignane, 15% Grenach, 11% Syrah, 6% Petite Sirah fra Redwood Valley.