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Sangiovese 2015 fra Peterson Winery, Sonoma Californien
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2015, Sangiovese, DCV fra Peterson Winery, Sonoma Californien

This 100% Sangiovese was produced from fruit grown in two exceptional small plantings in Dry Creek Val- ley—Teldeschi Vineyard and Spadoni Vineyard.

The perfect wine for pairing when you aren’t sure what will go with dinner, this delicious Sangiovese will bring on the best in a classic Italianate pasta, smoked brisket, barbecued ribs or grilled vegetables tossed with sliced sausage.

Alc.: 15.1%, Fadlagret: 9 måneder på amerikanske/franske egetræs fade: Drue; 100%  Sangiovese fra Dry Creek Valley Sonoma